Do you suffer from anxiety? 

Has anxiety stopped you from achieving all the things you’d like to do in life?

Is anxiety taking a toll on your relationship with others? 

How different would your life be if you could control your anxiety? 


How different would your relationships be if you could express yourself freely, without anxiety ruling your social, professional and personal relationships?

Do you want your life to meet its full potential by ridding yourself of the power anxiety has over you?

like most of our emotions, anxiety has a function: to keep us safe. 
but when it becomes dysfunctional, anxiety stops us from operating normally. it stops us from doing the things we want to do and being the person we want to be. 
Are you ready to beat anxiety and take over the controls of your life?

Join me in a FREE 40 min webinar designed to help you beat anxiety. 

In this webinar we will: 

-really understand what anxiety is and how it works
-use this knowledge to turn the situation around and stop anxiety from taking over the control
-look at practical tools to use when you are feeling anxious 

Thursday 5 November on Zoom

India: 3pm

UK: 9.30am

France: 10.30am


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