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Do you get confused by your emotions? 
Do you get emotional in some situations but you are not sure why? 


Do you struggle to understand where your emotions come from? 
Do you struggle to understand what your emotions are telling you? 
Do you wish your emotions were clearer and easier to understand? 

Book a discovery session

It’s completely free. 

40 minutes one-on-one on Zoom 

The purposes of the session are: 
1) for you to explain your current situation
2) for me to help you gain perspective on your situation 
3) for me to explain how my coaching programs work
4) for us to see together whether the coaching program would make sense to you. 


How does it work? 


Step 1 - Pick a date and time that suits you in the calendar below. 

Step 2 - Fill out the form (it will take a few minutes)

Step 3 - You will receive by email a questionnaire to fill in 48 hours before the session + a Zoom link

Step 4 - That's it! We meet live in person during the session. 

Before you book a session make sure you have read about my program. 

Click here to discover "Learn to use your emotions" program. 

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