horse sense & healing for women


Location: Manjeev Natural Horsemanship Ranch, next to The Tennis Project, Baliawas, Gurgaon

Date: Sunday 17 January from 2-5pm
Price: INR 3,250/person
Limited to a maximum of 12 people

Special guest: For our first edition of Horse Sense & Healing for Women we welcome Celine Burlot, a music therapist from France who will join us in the sessions

Do you feel like people don’t know the real you? 
Do you want to free yourself from the expectations of others? 
Do you want to be able to be yourself without worrying about what others think? 
Do you want to be able to find your place in society without compromising who you truly are? 

Horse Sense & Healing for Women is a special program designed to help women step out of the limitations imposed by society and family life and allow them to step into who they really are and who they aspire to be - all this through guided interaction with horses and with the help of music therapy. 

The purpose of the session is to: 

-identify more clearly what is standing between you and who you want to be
-identify internal emotional blocks that are holding you back 
-discover new methods to handle social and family expectations while allowing yourself to be seen

During the 3h workshop we will: 

-create a safe and communal space where we can share and express what we are experiencing 
-gain a new perspective on how we look at our current situation with the help of emotional communication techniques
-discover new ways of creating trusting, dependable relationships through guided interaction with horses
-learn to communicate with horses while they are free and in a safe environment 

-feel the healing vibrations and energetic exchanges of music 

Why horses? 


Have you heard of mirror neurons? 

​In short, it's our brain's inbuilt ability to pick up on and mirror the behaviour and emotions of others. 

​Mirror neurons are particularly powerful in horses, which allows us to use the horse's behaviour as a mirror of our own presence and body language. Through guided interaction with horses, we can visibly see what our "vibe" is, what our presence commands (or fails to command) and how we can make the required changes. There exist no clearer ways (to our knowledge at least) of witnessing first hand what we communicate with our body language and presence, something we are only rarely aware of. 

Horses are also extremely sensitive to your intentions - they can read them. Working with horses will give a fast track to building your communication and even leadership skills as well as an objective way of assessing how well you are doing. 

You do not need how to ride or have any prior experience with horses. ​There is no riding involved, all is conducted "from the ground." Our horses are perfectly safe and trained for these purposes. 

About the venue

The session will be held at our horse ranch in Gurgaon. We have 7 horses, 7 dogs and 7 cats, which was not at all intended like that but all these rescues are now an integral part of our family. The farm is at the feet of the Aravali hills, surrounded by nature. 

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About Charlotte 

Charlotte is an emotional communication specialist and horse communication expert. 

She studied social anthropology at the London School of Economics to understand how nature and nurture shape cognition and the way each of us solves the issues that arise in our life. 

After a stint at the United Nations, she worked for a US-based multinational group as a market expert advising commodity traders. She then started her own international business, also in commodities. Her work takes her to the four corners of the world, from Brazil to Europe and across Asia to speak at conferences in front of audiences several hundred people large. 

She trained over several years with a world-famous "horse whisperer" in the US to learn about the importance of body language and controlling emotions. Horses have been key in helping her develop leadership and communication skills in the male-dominated sector of commodity trading all the while being true to herself and to her values. She is passionate about teaching others, whether young people at the start of their careers or leaders with extensive experience, about leadership, communication and self-development.

About Celine 

Celine is a music therapist from France who recently moved to Delhi. She is passionate about helping people heal through her music, which includes singing and playing several instruments. She feels her most powerful healing tool is her flute which has empowered her to help many people heal, and more recently even helped horses. 

What you need to know: 

Our horses are all well trained and safe to be around, so are our dogs and cats. However, they are live animals with a mind of their own. Dogs can get playful and jump, and cats get playful too and scratch. You need to be comfortable with animals and okay to get dirty (don’t wear your best white trousers!). We are an all-inclusive farm where animals are treated just like us :)

Terms & Conditions:

The ticket price is non-refundable but you may nominate someone else in your place if you can’t come. 


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