'There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.' Churchill

Do you want to be the one with that very special presence everywhere you go?

Would you like to be able to always send the "right vibe" to others, show leadership and confidence in every situation?

Become a leader, earn respect and invite love through your presence

a unique coaching program using the power and intuition of horses 

Do you want your body language and presence to become your biggest assets, something you can count on to help you grow?

Do you...?

  • Often feel shy and withdrawn, especially in social groups? Or on the contrary, you have been told you can come across as overwhelming or too assertive?

  • Feel insecure about how to stand or how to present yourself? 

  • Feel that your body language sometimes works against you by sending the wrong information to others? 

  • Feel like your life would be so much better and easier if you were able to be more confident in yourself? 

  • Want to become a better leader, build stronger relationships on which you can count on? 

  • Want to be able to enter any room, be in any situation and feel at ease - or at least look like you are feeling at ease? 

Is your challenge that...?

  • You haven't been able to find a training program that really helps with this issue? 

  • You've done some coaching and/or training but you struggle to implement it in real life? 

  • You think that this is just who you are and you'll never be able to overcome it? 

Changing your presence will change your life

We live in a society that focuses a lot on your minds. Most of existing self-development programs work with mindsets (which is great!) but the body is literally left hanging. 

No matter what people say, the truth is that we ALWAYS judge each other on our presence - at least at the start. When we walk into a room, when we meet someone for the first time, our brains are designed to read each other's body language (yes, even on Zoom calls). 

You can spend as much money as you want on your clothes and on your general appearance, but if your body language is off, then it's all a waste. 

On the other hand, I'm sure you know people who are not particularly good looking or stylish but who have a tremendous presence. Because that's what really counts. 

Someone with the right presence and the right body language will automatically gain other people's trust and respect. That's simply because this is how our brain is designed to operate. 

Once you become aware of your body language and gain control over it, you will change your presence and this will change your life. 

Why horses? 


Have you heard of mirror neurons?

In short, it's our brain's natural tendency to pick up on and mirror the behaviour and emotions of others. 

Mirror neurons are particularly powerful in horses, which allows us to use the horse's behaviour as a mirror of our own presence and body language. Through guided interaction with horses, we can visibly see what our "vibe" is, what our presence commands (or fails to command) and we can make the required changes.


There exist no clearer ways (to our knowledge at least) of witnessing first hand what we communicate with our body language, something we are only rarely aware of. 

The bonus? 

Horses are also extremely sensitive to leadership - but only if it's fair. Working with horses will give a fast track to building your communication and leadership skills as well as an objective way of assessing how well you are doing. 

Do you need to know how to ride, or have any prior experience with horses? 

Absolutely not. There is no riding involved, all is conducted "from the ground." Our horses are perfectly safe and trained for these purposes. 



Our programs

option 1 - Discovery session 

This is a 2h session conducted at our horse centre in Gurgaon. 
During this session we will go through:

  • the key concepts of how body language and presence work

  • assess your current presence 

  • work on any aspect that you would like to improve on. 

The discovery session is a great way to get to know more about how we operate and discover the power of horses in picking up and mirroring our own presence. It's an ideal and fast way of assessing where you are at and deciding whether there is anything you would like to improve on (or not!). 


Price: INR 12,000 


option 2 - Embody the change!

Embody the change! is a 9-week one-on-one personalised program conducted partly online (Zoom) and partly at our centre in Gurgaon with our horses.


The aim of the program is to: 

  • understand your emotions and how to deal with them so that they don’t take over 

  • uncover your needs and self worth 

  • establish healthy boundaries with others

  • master your body language and what you project to others

  • read others and their body language  

  • lead others in a holistic way (body+mind) in line with your values 


This program is ideal if you're looking to become a master communicator, if you want the skillset to build strong, dependable relationships that will allow you to grow as a person as well as create an environment conducive for others around you to grow too. It will give you the confidence and awareness, as well as control over the messages you send to others. You will also become much better at reading other people, and therefore helping them reach their best too. This program will give you the skills to become a much better communicator as well as awareness about how you come across to others in any situation.  

Choose this program if you want to significantly boost your confidence level in personal and work situations. 

The program includes: 

  • 3 X 60 minutes one-on-one live sessions (on Zoom) 

Each session is designed to work on specific areas, check-in on your progress, work through any difficulties, make sure you stay on track and stay motivated and engaged.
We will be taking a deep dive into all the areas of your communication, presence and leadership skills you want to work on. Each session is tailor-made to your needs, allowing us to focus on any underlying emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back and affecting your body language. We will also look at how to take your communication and presence to the next level, enabling you to build the strong presence you need to become the leader you want to be. 
The last session is a “flying off” session with a clear personalised step-by-step exit plan with a strategy to implement everything you have learned going forward 

  • 3 X 90 minutes one-on-one at our horse centre

Each session is designed to work on specific areas (that will have been identified beforehand) through exercises on the ground with our trained horses. We will put into practice in real life all the aspects we will have identified and worked on at the mindset level. These sessions will allow you to fine-tune your communication skills to a level than only a few out there ever reach. You will also build the skill set to lead others and help them implement similar changes. 
We use the horses as a “mirror” of our emotions, energy and body language. Horses are the perfect tool to make us expert communicators and learn to master our emotions.  

  • 1 X 30 minutes “checking in” session one month after the end of our program to see if all is going well and work on any new difficulties that may have arisen 

Price: INR 60,000 if paid in one go or INR 33,000 x 2 if paid in 2 instalments (payment is made at the start of each coaching program)

BONUS: “Horses are the mirror to our souls.” I’m a very practical person and what this means, simply, is that the horses’ mirror neurons makes them extremely sensitive to our emotions and to our presence. When I see someone interact, or simply stand near, my horses I can read the horse’s body language to know what is going on with that person. This is an incredible FASTRACK into solving issues that can take YEARS to unearth. Guided interaction with horses will transform the way you communicate, simply because you can’t lie to them or pretend. That’s a skill no one else can teach you!



a few months from today you could: 

  • Be in control of your presence and body language, walk into any situation with the confidence that you are inspiring leadership, trust and respect. 

  • Create many new opportunities that you may have missed out on before because you have more energy, more focus, and your presence encourages people to want to associate with you.

  • Become a much better communicator at home and at work, reducing misunderstandings and building stronger relationships. 

  • Feel better about yourself, less stressed and less anxious

  • Be able to read other people too and help them become better at building their own presence

5 reasons to invest money to learn to have a great presence


“Don’t compromise yourself - you’re all you have”  

You are your single most important asset. This is a skill that will enable you to grow not only faster and more sustainably, but also whilst being true to yourself.

No one will ever be able to have these difficult conversations for you.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” 

Doing something with someone else increases accountability and significantly reduces the chances of you giving up, which is very easy to do on your own.

Your accountability partner (me!) will keep you engaged and motivated, even when the going gets tough. 


Investing money makes you have “skin in the game.”

The more you invest, the more likely you will take your investment to fruition.


A personalised program always makes the difference.

Each person is different and therefore has unique needs. A program that is tailored to your needs will make it that much more likely that you will follow it until the end and, more importantly, much more likely to have a real impact in your life.


“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

A structured program makes something which seems very difficult tangible, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

bonus question

How different would your life be if you would walk into any situation and feel confident about your presence and body language? 

Is this program for you?

This program is for you if: 

  • You are open to new ideas and concepts and like to make up your own mind 

  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone if you believe it can work 

  • You are used to working hard and ready to put in the effort

  • You are driven and on a journey of self-improvement 

  • You want to take your work and personal life to the next level in an ethical way

This program is NOT for you if: 

  • You don’t think you have the energy and time to put the effort in at the moment (wait until you’re really ready to commit!)

  • You expect me to do the work for you :)

  • You are not ready to face emotions which can be difficult or unpleasant

Frequently askes questions

What if I'm afraid of horses? 

Life is full of scary things, so this may be the perfect opportunity to learn how to overcome your fear. Your horses have years of training and are perfectly face. No one, to this date, has ever been hurt by any of them. 

I'm not sure I can come to the horse centre, can I still do it? 

Half of the program is about implementing changes in real life, and creating that presence you wish you had. This is not something we can do online. Your body exists in the real world and therefore we must be able to do these sessions at the centre. 

I want to learn public speaking, is this the right program? 

That's Body language and presences are VERY important during public speaking. So while we would not focus on this specifically, all that you will learn will have a tremendous impact on you become a great public speaker. 

Can I get a discount? 


No, no and no. If you want to make a change in your life you need to fully commit, and that includes financially. People who ask (and get) discounts tend to reduce their involvement, and therefore the impact of the coaching. So it's for your own good too.  

What is the minimum age? 

It depends on the maturity of the person, but we recommend 14 years and above.  

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said"

Peter Drucker


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