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Charlotte is passionate about communication. She studied social anthropology at the London School of Economics to understand how nature and nurture shape cognition and the way each of us solves the issues that arise in our life. 

After a stint at the United Nations, she worked for a US-based multinational group as a market expert advising commodity traders. She then started her own international business, also in commodities. Her work takes her to the four corners of the world, from Brazil to Europe and across Asia to speak at conferences in front of audiences several hundred people large. 

She trained over several years with a world-famous "horse whisperer" in the US to learn about the importance of body language and controlling emotions.

Horses have been key in helping her develop leadership and communication skills in the male-dominated sector of commodity trading. She is passionate about teaching others, whether young people at the start of their careers or leaders with extensive experience, about leadership, communication and self-development.