How we synchronise our emotions and why it matters

In the first video of this 3-part series, we looked at the importance of accepting that conflicts (big & small) are a natural part of life and that they even play a role in strengthening social bonds. If you've missed it, you can WATCH IT HERE.

Today, I want to talk about this incredible ability that living beings have to transfer emotions to each other. Horses are particularly good at it, especially when it comes to synchronising adrenaline because it's a key part of their flight mechanism.

Check out this video where I explain how this works and what it means for the way us, humans, communicate.

This is particularly meaningful because:

1) We transfer and pick up other people's emotions whether we want it or not because that's what our brain is designed to do

2) Any contradiction between what our words and what our body says will usually be picked up by others and cause confusion

3) We become much better communicators once we start paying attention to how, when and why we synchronise with others

4) You can also teach yourself to control the way you transfer (and receive) emotions

EXERCISE - Putting theory into practice

Every time you feel some form of negative feeling, whether it’s anxiety, frustration, anger or even if you don’t know what it is but you just know it doesn’t feel good, take a moment to write down how you’re feeling. Be precise: describe whether the emotion is in the stomach, in the jaw, in your back. Whether the emotion is a sentence going in a loop in your mind. Scan your body and mind, writing it all down. When you think you’ve identified most of these feelings, write next to them a name for them. For example, it can be frustration, anxiety etc. Don’t worry if you can’t identify the names just yet, it happens a lot.

In the next and last video, we’ll go into details about what you can do about this.

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