Kate, or the art of dealing with tough choices

Updated: Feb 23

When I met Kate for our first session, she was, in her own words, “in a bad place.”

She was living in London in the middle of lockdown and at the peak of winter. She had just left a job that turned out not to be aligned with what she was looking for. She was trying to decide whether she should go back to her native Australia or whether to try and find another job in London even though her work visa was about to expire.

As someone passionate about her work, Kate was trying to reconcile her skills from a career in finance with her passion for sustainability, the environment and her desire to make a difference. She was also trying to reconcile her love of Australia with her ambitions and the fact that she feels more at home in a more European-style environment.

These are questions that many of us experience. Should I live in a place that I love at the risk of jeopardising my career? Should I choose a work that pays well over work with meaning? Is it okay to keep “hopping around”?

None of these has straightforward answers simply because the answers depend on each of us. The answers depend on what each of us needs and what each of us values.

In this video, Kate shares with you her journey navigating these difficult questions.

Spoiler alert: she is now far - both mentally and physically - from where she was during our first session!

Listen to her story here:

*Kate was part of the Stress Recovery Course jointly organised by Stuff Talks & Beautiful Reflections

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