Rechelle Caroll: a holistic psychotherapist's view of the Covid-19 effect on mental health

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I've resisted the buzz word "holistic" for a long time.

I kind of found it irritating how people would throw it around for just about anything and use it almost as a shield arguing that, by definition, if something is holistic it must work. Besides, if it's about treating the "whole," shouldn't it be written "wholistic" instead? (Geek fact - I googled it and the subject has DOZENS of pages dedicated to that question. Of course, it does. It's the Internet.)

But then I became very curious to understand why my friend Rechelle, after years working as a licensed clinical social worker in crisis response, decided to take her training further and become a holistic psychotherapist.

Mental health experts are warning of an impending mental health crisis as a result of Covid-19.

Could holistic psychotherapy be the answer we need?

Watch Rechelle's take on the situation in our interview here:

In this video, you'll find out:

  • how emotions work on our mind and our body

  • cross-cultural differences in terms of how we deal with emotions

  • the biggest pitfalls to avoid when going through an emotional time

  • the 3 biggest tips to effectively master your emotions

  • how you can turn the current crisis into an opportunity for new and better beginnings.

Rechelle offers a free session for newcomers. If you'd like to explore whether to go on a journey with here you can find here.

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