The key to expressing difficult emotions without hurting others

Emotions are simply our body and mind's way of telling us whether our needs are being met - or not. With horses, the needs behind the emotion tend to be easy to identify (need for safety, food etc) but with humans, it's much more complicated because everything is buried under layers built through our childhood and environment.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow spent years studying happy and self-fulfilled people (which we all strive to be, right?) and identified 5 basic needs that all of these people worked on fulfilling.

In this video, we look at ways to go through these layers and identify the needs as well as life-changing technique to express our emotions so as not to hurt others.

This will help you:

1) Understand why you feel a certain way

2) Know how to communicate clearly despite feeling emotional

3) Know how to communicate these emotions without hurting others in the process

>> Build strong, trustworthy relationships within which you can be yourself and feel safe to express yourself.

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