We tried music therapy on our horses

Updated: Jan 4

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that I am passionate about finding ways for us to become better at communicating our emotions and finding ways for us to be aligned and in sync with our emotions. While I have a coaching program, I believe that there are many ways for us to express ourselves. Recently, I shared my experience with a talented artist who uses painting as a release to help her cope with an autoimmune disease (you can read about it here). Today, I want to tell you about an incredible session we had trying out music therapy on our horses.

Celine is a French singer, musician and certified music-therapist who is living in Delhi. We only met recently but bonded immediately on our love and passion for all things that have to do with communication and expression of the self. I invited her to our farm so that we could see how the horses react to the music.

We first tried with Fireball. When Celine arrived at the farm I introduced her to the horses. Fireball and her had a beautiful and long moment of exchange and connection, so we thought it made sense to start with her. Celine took a chair and sat at a distance, giving enough space for Fireball to decide what she wanted to do about the situation and to allow me to read her and see whether she was comfortable - or not.

Celine closed her eyes and started playing her flute while Fireball was grazing peacefully nearby. As Celine played, I sat on the ground and observed Fireball. While she didn’t seem bothered, she also looked more interested in her grass.

We then moved on to Rey. Rey is a very special horse for us because she has had such a rough start in life. She lived tied up (neck and legs) in a court yard 24 hours a day. One day, the owner, who also keeps fighting dogs, let the dogs out and they mauled Rey. The local vet called us saying the owner wanted to get rid of her. That’s when she joined us.

Rey HATED people. She would bite and kick if you tried to go near her. With time, she has learned to relax a lot and now even seeks people out. However, her past is still very fresh in her mind and she seems stuck between wanting to be with people and always being defensive just in case. This can make her a difficult and confusing horse to be with, especially as she distrusts strangers. This is one of the reasons why I had not introduced Celine to Rey. And it is also a reason why I wasn't keen on Celine sitting on a chair with her eyes closed inside Rey’s paddock. But my husband Manjeev suggested we try.

I won’t spoil it and tell you what happened, you can watch it for yourself. What I will say, though, is that Celine had tears pouring down her face by the end of it. And as we sat there, relaxing, and I told Celine about Rey’s story, Celine said “I felt like she allowed me to really connect with her.”

The question is: who healed who?

Watch the video by clicking on the image below

Celine will be my guest in our first edition of Horse Sense & Healing for Women which we will host at our farm on January 17, 2021. You can find all the details here:

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