What I learned from my first Horse Sense & Healing workshop

Last month I held my first group workshop: Horse Sense & Healing for Women.

The purpose of this workshop was to use the energy of a group combined with the therapeutic power of horses to help all of us become more aware of our current emotional situation and what we can do to feel better about ourselves.

As we talked amongst each other, and as we interacted with the horses, something became very clear: we put ourselves under tremendous pressure.

Each one of us has a lot to live up to, whether it is at work, for our families as well to meet our own expectations.

Yes, society does put a lot of pressure too. But society’s pressure only works when we are the ones putting the pressure on ourselves.

During the guided (and then free) interaction with horses, we could all see first hand how much we struggle to “just be.” We are used to having a role (the funny one, the quiet one) and we are used to trying to be in control of a conversation. But with horses, none of this works. You can only be yourself just as you allow the horse to be herself too.

Interacting with horses forces you to dig deep below the layers and go back to your core nature. Horses will let you, and encourage you to be who you really are.

Who would you be if you were free of all pressure, societal, family and the personal pressure you put on yourself? What would you do differently?

Here’s a video of the workshop, dip into the magic with us :)

Want to join the next workshop?

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