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We believe in a world that is more than just financial profitability and short term gains and we know you do too. After all, our well being and thriving can only be ensured if our environment, whether our immediate surroundings such as our family and where we live but also on a bigger scale, things like our planet, are doing well too. That is why durability, sustainability and quality are values that form the core of our work. Here are some of the things we do to do our bit: 

Our horses are rescues. 

Each one of our horses is on a second lease of life. From our little black mare who was saved from a brick factory, to another one who was found starving in a field to our retired polo horse, among many other stories, we believe that it’s not because something has been used and discarded that it ceases to have value. On the contrary, each of them has been a teacher, showing us how to be a better person. 

Our farm is a sanctuary for other animals, too. 

Over the years, we have come across many animals that needed help. While we strive to rehome most of them, some don’t find a place to go and end up making our farm their forever home. These cats and dogs are an integral part of the ecosystem of the farm and have also taught us valuable lessons in life, when they’re not too busy causing havoc of course!

We try to reduce our footprint. 

We live in a society and world that consumes too much of everything. With that in mind, we try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We are not perfect but we try every day to do better. 




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