Are you prone to bursts of anger that you regret later? 
Do you avoid conflicts at all costs? 
Are you very uncomfortable when others get angry, even when it’s not directed at you? 
Do you have a tendency to “shut down” when anger takes you over, or when someone gets angry at you? 

Do you wish you could express yourself clearly even with you are angry, or when the person you are talking to is angry? 
Do you feel misunderstood as a result of your anger bursts? 
Do you feel like you have to hold yourself back because you are always worried about the consequences that could arise if you, or someone else, got angry? 


>>>How different would your relationships be if you could control your relationship to anger? 

>>>How different would your relationships if you could express yourself without the fear of anger taking over and without triggering anger in others?  

The power of horses

As prey animals who live in herds, horses are particularly in touch with their emotions. They depend on them to survive. 

Looking at how horses deal with their emotions, including anger and aggression, teaches us a lot about ourselves and gives us invaluable insight into what we can do to master our emotions. 

You want to be able to express yourself clearly and trust in your ability to manage your, or other people’s anger? 

Anger is a double-edged sword that affects both those prone to it and those who avoid it. 

But like a sword, it can also become a powerful weapon when you know how to control it - and not let it control you. 
Which one is it going to be for you?

Join me in a FREE 40 min webinar designed to help you manage your anger. 

In this webinar we will look at: 

-How to assess in a clear and objective way your relationship to anger, and the relationship it has with you
-How to identify patterns and triggers when it comes to dealing (or not dealing) with anger
-How to put together an effective action plan so that you have a tool kit for the next time you have to deal with anger 

Thursday 10 December on Zoom

India: 3pm

UK: 9.30am

France: 10.30am


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