Aurelie - tackling stress 


Aurelie lives in Singapore with her husband and two children. She juggles her time between a demanding career in the financial sector, her family as well as her desire to contribute to the environment and other people’s well being. 
She did the 4 weeks Stress Recovery Program organised by Stuff Talks and Beautiful Reflections. She joined the program because she wanted to be able to feel more present in her day to day life whilst still being able to do all the things that matter to her. 
In this video, Aurelie shares with us the 3 most important things she learned to help her manage stress as well as what others who feel the same can do.

Manikan - Overcoming anger issues 

Manikan is a horse trainer and an artist. 

He has been struggling with anger issues for years, including a problem of "shutting down" when he got too angry, which completely cut off communication. Despite trying multiple solutions such as martial art, physical workouts, therapy and even medication, this anger issue continued to exist and significantly affected his personal as well as professional relationships. 

He did the 4-week Talk the Talk emotional communication coaching program which gave him the tools he needed to be able to control this anger and start mending a lot of the relationships that had been affected. 

In this video, he will share how difficult it can be for a man in India to recognise, and then admit to having an emotional issue. He shares his journey, and what other people in his situation can do to overcome their own challenges. 

You can watch his interview below: 


Melina - recalibrating her emotions 

Melina is a 33-year-old French entrepreneur who is already well-versed in the art of self-help and self-development. She is continuously looking at improving herself and becoming “the best version of herself.” She did the 2-months “Walk the Talk” online coaching programme with Stuff Talks to become better at controlling her emotions.

You can read her interview below: 

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Akruti - taking it to the next level

Akruti is an entrepreneur and business owner, working as an equine dentist and travelling alone throughout India for her work.

She did the 8-week Walk the Walk emotional communication coaching program. Before the course, she already was an assertive, confident woman who was not scared to speak her mind. However, she felt like she wanted to be able to stand up for herself better, feel heard and manage the stress of her busy life better. One of the things she specifically wanted to work on was expressing herself in a manner that is less confrontational and to stop avoiding conflicts. 

I will let her tell you herself her journey and where she is now. She will also share with you the 3 most important tools she learned during the program. 

You can watch her interview below: