Today, more than ever, it has become crucial for women to become confident communicators, as much through words as through their body language. For a long time, societal norms have taught girls, and then women, to be pleasers, accommodating and unthreatening (when not outright submissive). These norms have been ingrained so deeply that it is sometimes difficult to become aware of them, making it challenging to rewrite these codes of conduct that now need to be over-ridden. 

We have developed a special program, using our safe and well-trained horses, to help girls and women become aware of these often unconscious behaviours so that these can be rewritten. Horses are a very effective way to learn to communicate clearly, fairly yet firmly and, very importantly, to learn how to say ‘no’ and to mean it. 

Sessions with our horses and using our methods help empower women and give them the tools they need to feel respected, safe and in control. 


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